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Try our electric bikes, 3 wheels and 4 wheels electric scooters and electric motorcycles

in store and take advantage of our 24 months interest free financing plan! 

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Michel Robillard, CEO of Impact I.S. Design, has always had the spirit of a pioneer. After spending ten years in the construction industry as the Quebec Sales Manager at GAF, he is invited to help manage their international operations. A visionary at heart, he chose instead to go his own way. Observation and attention to detail have always been natural for him, and this is what led him to see the trends even before they were recognized as such.


Michel Robillard was one of the first to see the need to increase mobility in personal transportation. Convinced that electric vehicles would become popular, in 1986 he created a company specializing in the distribution of electric bicycles, three and four wheel scooters, as well as electric motorcycles. He was right to follow this path, because scooters are now more and more used especially by Baby Boomers. Michel Robillard, owner of Ecolo-Cycle trademark, is now happy and proud to have brought cutting-edge products in the market of personal mobility, products that are environmentally friendly.

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