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The electric bike was created in the 30s. It has gained popularity in the last decade and the products available on the market are now equipped with more powerful batteries and quieter engines. Modern Electric bikes are also lighter and their weight won’t slow you down…. If you love riding a bike, appreciate the exercise and wish to take long rides without always having to pedal, the electric bike is the solution for you. You’ll enjoy the electric assist for the climbs, as well as for long distance rides that would be exhausting with a traditional bike.


The electric bike is designed to fit all types of users. It manages the electric current and regulates the engine according to the weight, the frequency of movement and the effort provided by the cyclist. The electric bike is ideal for staying in shape without exhausting yourself. Our new electric bikes offer more gear possibilities to allow extended hikes without ever getting tired. Whatever type of bicycle you might need, Ecolo Cycle offers a wide selection of electric bikes designed according to the newest technologies.

There are several types of electric bicycles available on the market. Some use engine power to reduce effort while pedaling while others operate entirely on electricity. Choose from our large range of models the electric bike, scooter or mobility scooter that fits your needs. Whatever your physical abilities may be, the electric bike enables you to take long and pleasant rides at your own pace. Electric bikes are ideal for everyday use, to get to the office, go shopping or just to have a good time. Come and discover all the possibilities at Ecolo Cycles.


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electric bike

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